Why Invest in the Company ?

Why Invest ?

Why Invest ?

  • Involved in the rapidly growing CBD hemp markets in the USA, Australia and Europe and soon Asia.
  • Joint venture farming model provides the Company with the ability to scale rapidly at very low upfront cost and where the agricultural risk is shared equally by the Company and the farmer. All costs incurred are reimbursed pro-rata as revenues are earned and profits shared when the final profit amount is determined
  • Company is building a high quality asset base and a number of diverse revenue streams that will enable it to earn revenues from each stage of the process from third party seed sales, biomass sales, crude sales, distillate sales and sales of final branded or white label products in addition to producing and selling its own branded products.
  • Direct exposure to the rapidly growing USA, European, Australian and Asian CBD hemp markets for a range of wholesale and retail products.
  • Attractive valuation relative to similar ASX listed CBD hemp and medical cannabis company’s and very low operating costs and cash burn
  • Experienced Board, executive management and international consultants located in the USA, Australia and international markets to identify new opportunities
  • Aims to deliver regular dividends linked to crop harvesting, processing and product sales cycles (typically 90 – 100-day cycle).
  • Opportunity to invest in rapidly developing CBD hemp and medical cannabis industry with diversified risk due to international spread of
  •  existing operations.

Srategic Plan ?

  • To enter into a number of additional joint venture agreements in the USA and Australia with farmers to increase the Company’s overall acreage under CBD hemp crop.
  • Utilise the funds raised in the IPO to enable the Company to more rapidly develop and expand its existing CBD hemp growing, harvesting, processing and product wholesale and retail sales businesses.
  • Continue to bring processing and extraction operations in-house to further improve operating margins
  • Expand the Company’s sales and marketing operations in the USA, Europe, Australia and other developing markets in particular Asia.
  • Diversify and expand the Company’s revenue streams through through selling the other components of the hemp plant for fibre and grain.
  • Expand and diversify the Company’s range of CBD hemp-based products available for sale in markets as laws in various countries are relaxed and new markets open up.

Capital Structure

Details Of The Offer

Botanic Wellness issued shares during 2018, 2019 2020 and 2021 to a variety of applicants at AUD $0.05, subsequently $0.10, $0.15 cents and most recently at $0.20 cents per share to raise approx.~AUD $2,650,000 and currently has 215,350,711 fully paid ordinary shares on issue and a notional pre cash market cap of $43.3m (at $0.20 cents per share)

The Company currently has no options or Convertible Notes on issue.

On completion of the proposed capital raising and IPO at $0.25  cents per share to raise a minimum of $5,000,000 and a maximum of $6,000,000 (expected in March / April 2021) at $0.25 cents the Company will have 235,645,710 shares on issue and a market capitalisation at listing of AUD $58.8m (if $5m is raised) or 239,850,711 shares on issue and a market capitalisation of $59.4m.

Financial Information

Botanic Wellness Limited – Consolidated Profit and Loss 2018-2020