Our Team



Co-Founder, and Executive Chairman (Melbourne, Australia)

Cary Stynes is one of the co-founders and is Executive Chairman of the Company. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the Company and investment strategy of the business.

He holds a current Victoria legal practicing certificate and specialises in advising start-up companies, raising seed and early-stage capital and arranging the listing of companies on the ASX. He was previously a lawyer with international law firm Minter Ellison before establishing his own law firm which he has operated for over 25 years.

In 1994 he co-founded media and advertising company, Media and Entertainment Group Limited which listed on the ASX in 1995 and expanded throughout Australia as well as into Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and South America. That company was ultimately acquired by CPH Limited (Kerry Packer) in 1999.

Since 2000 he has arranged the ASX listing and been the Chief Executive Officer of ASX listed Software Communication Group, organised the restructuring and recapitalization and became Managing Director of CBD Online, subsequently CBD Energy Limited and The Swish Group Limited. He is also a former Non-Executive Director of Traffic Technologies Limited, MCM Entertainment Limited, Teys Limited (now OAR Resources Limited), BHG Limited and arranged the ASX listing and was General Counsel for USA (Hollywood) based digital media and advertising company engage:BDR Limited. He also sat on the Board of children’s cancer charity The Koala Foundation.

He has in various capacities arranged the restructuring, re-capitalisation, IPO’s and RTO’s and conducted capital raisings for a number of Australian and international company’s listed on the ASX in the media and technology, infrastructure, mining, retail, agriculture and and related sectors and sat on a number of private and public Company boards for over 25 years .


President and Chief Executive Officer (Arizona, USA)

Donald (Don) Gritten Jr. is a business strategy consultant and is President and CEO of the Company’s USA operations who has been involved in the CBD hemp industry for a number of years. 

He was formerly a sergeant in the US Army on active duty for two years and served for nine years in the US Army Reserves. In early 2000, Don began his career by purchasing a business and moving into the accounting and tax area. Since then he has owned and operated a number of medical related practices, management-consulting and financial businesses.

Over the past 15 years Don has also given a large number of speeches and consulted to numerous business owners and CEO’s. Don presents seminars based on his experiences and expertise. Don is an experienced consultant and M&A specialists.

Don began researching and working in the CBD hemp industry 7 years ago. He developed the Company’s early seed growing operations in Colorado. In Arizona and Texas, he is overseeing the operation of the Company’s multiple farming operations and focusing on vertical the integration of the business from seed to wholesale and retail sales.

Don has worked with some of the the most experienced operators in the hemp business and brings that experience to the Company. 

He is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company in the USA.


Executive Director – (Arizona, USA)

Joe has a background in finance and economics and has a been a business owner and entrepreneur for over 25 years. He has an ability to connect with people, understand markets and develop and implement strategies to maximize business efficiency and profitability.

He recently became involved in the rapidly growing CBD hemp industry and has used his extensive experience in business development, real estate and mortgage banking to acquire properties, create joint venture partnerships with large agricultural farmers and develop a vertical integration strategy for the hemp industry. 

 Prior to his involvement in the hemp industry he was the owner of Desert Foothills Investments Inc. and JRA Investments from 2004 to 2018. These companies bought and sold farming real estate in various parts of the USA.

Joe was responsible for identifying and acquiring key asset purchases and maintaining a consistent flow of real estate inventory as wells a sales pipeline. He designed and implemented processes to support the businesses growth and build and maintain contacts and relationships, He implement marketing systems and processes, that identified new customer markets and developed various sales approaches for those  markets.

He is Chief Operating Officer in the USA and an Executive Director of the Company.


Non-Executive Director – (Sydney, Australia)

Jeffrey has been involved in the CBD hemp business since 2013 and is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hemp Australia Pty Ltd.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics and Masters of Professional Accounting from the University of New South Wales and has a Diploma of Financial Planning. He is also Justice of the Peace in New South Wales.

He has 10 years of diverse experience in the property sector and property development.

He has experience in investor relations and international trade particularly in relation to trade between Australia and China. He is skilled in business development, planning, negotiation, international business and global sourcing of a wide range of products for the Chinese market. 

Advisory Board

Dr James Evans MD MBA FACP CHCQM – (Arizona, USA)

Dr. Evans is a dual board-certified internal medicine physician with 19 years of clinical. He founded and built a multi-disciplinary clinic and has also helped set up hospitalist programs at various hospitals. In addition, Dr. Evans has assisted hospitals and clinics with implementing quality assurance, and patient safety programs.

Dr. Evans has extensive hospital experience running an independent private hospital service for over 7 years at Phoenix / St. Luke’s Medical Center. He also has significant managed care experience and was a former executive medical director of Health Choice, a large Arizona Health plan that serves over 200,000 members where his focus was credentialing and quality improvement. He has served as the Chief Medical Officer for the Arizona Department of Economic Security where he provided oversight for the medical services of 44,000 residents with developmental disabilities. He maintains active clinical privileges at several leading hospitals.

He is a graduate of Harvard College in physics and mechanical engineering, earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan and completed an internal medicine residency at Columbia University affiliated hospitals in New York City.

He also holds an MBA in Finance from Grand Canyon University. He is a designated fellow in the American College of Physicians and is also Board Certified in Health Care Quality Management by the American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians.

Dr. Jamie Rickcord MBBS Bsc. (Hons) FRACGP (NSW, Australia)

Dr. Rickord is the Founder and Medical Director of Ananda Clinics, an integrative general practitioner and authorized cannabinoid prescriber in New South Wales. Prior to his fellowship he held multiple medical positions. He spent 5 years working in anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency in accredited ANZCA programmes. He also spent time working in rural and remote areas as an emergency doctor and GP registrar. He worked as a General Practitioner at the Lismore GP Super Clinic from 2016 to 2019 and at the Lismore Clinic GP from 2019 to 2020.

He graduated from the Imperial College School of Medicine in the UK with an MBBS in 2006 and a BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences with Paediatrics in 2004. He received a Fellowship Award from the Royal Australian College of General Practice in 2016. He is also currently completing a Master of Medicine – Trauma Informed Psychotherapy.

Sarah Marshall PLLC – (Arizona, USA)

Sarah Marshall has been the owner of an international naturopathic health and consulting business since 2010 and the Clearwater Healthcare naturopathic medical clinic focusing on food, nutrition, life style counselling, and intuitive energy work since 2009. She is a licensed naturopathic physician in Utah and a licensed naturopathic physician in Arizona. She has also been licensed in Colorado and Montana in the USA.

She graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine (Portland, OR) as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine in 2009 and the University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT) with a B.S. in Chemistry in 2003. At the University of New Hampshire (Durham, New Hampshire) she majored in Chemistry and worked as a research assistant on the study of Atmospheric Iodine.

She is a Member of the Utah Association of Naturopathic Physicians and was a Member of the Naturopathic Medical Institute and a National Director of Health and Wellness for The American Institute of Business and a Member of the Advisor Board for Clar8ty Nutrigenomics.

She produces THE HEAL a weekly interview based podcast exploring what it means to heal, what it takes to heal and uncovering the predictable, reproducible blueprint to healing our health and life as well as a practical guide to healthy living through whole food recipes. She co-authored a comprehensive gluten and dairy free book and guide on how to improve health and reverse disease.

Josh Cui B. FIN. (ANU), M. PACC. (UNSW) (Sydney, Australia)

Josh Cui is the founder and CEO of Watercrest Capital a global private investment firm that manages alternative investments in multiple asset classes, including private equity, energy resources, hedge funds. He holds a current RG 146 Forex certificate as well as The Securities Qualification Certificate from SAC. For the past 10 years, he has been a professional investor generating investment returns by following flexible investment strategies to diversify assets across asset classes and utilised alternative hedging techniques, to aligning his firms interests with its investment partners.

In 2013 he became the Private Equity Fund Analyst in PDSTI, an acquisition investment company involved in the medical care and pharmaceutical industry. During the time in PDSTI, he participated in a number of M&A, IPO and LBO/MBO cases. 

In 2014 he co-founded and became the Managing Director of West Garden International which is an investment fund and raised money from HNW and institutional investors in Hongkong and mainland China. The project successfully exited with a ROI over 20%. He has been involved in various capacities in primary/secondary market investments through PE fund, hedge fund and other entities, capital market fund raising for M&A and IPO of a number of companies in the Asia-pacific region in the energy and resources, real estate, logistics, culture and related sectors.

Amayea Maat - Operations Manager (Arizona, USA)

Amayea has a Masters of Science in Management and Organization Behaviour and is also a certified and licensed trainer of B.A.N.K. She is a customer operations and human resource executive with a expertise in combining thought leadership with sound business acumen to achieve top-tier service excellence.  

 She is an innovative leader who combines strategic thinking with technical execution to optimize an organisations effectiveness. She has previously worked for a number of fortune 500 companies including Xerox and Intuit.  

She has spent the majority of her professional career leading large organizations and has been successful in developing top tier teams utilising change leadership,
organizational effectiveness and process improvement strategies. 

 She has experience in empowering people to reach goals within organisations and has considerable experience in managing business operations for small / medium businesses where she coaches and consults with them to help business owners improve their culture, productivity and impact to the bottom line.

Leslie Cox Schreiner – Chief Financial Officer (Arizona, USA)

Leslie is a Certified Practicing Accountant. She graduated in 1993 with a BA in Accountancy from the University of Iowa.

She is a principal of The Accounting Company that provides outsourced accounting services for organisations on a contractual basis. She liaises with the Company’s Australian Accountants on the preparation of the accounts of Live Opulent Inc the Company’s USA operating subsidiary.

Graeme Macdonald – Director of Farming Operations
Australia (NSW, Australia)

Graeme Macdonald heads up the Company’s joint venture farming operations in Australia. He established Macdonald AG in 1994 and along with his family has steadily grown the southern NSW farming operations to over 12,000 acres. He is Managing Partner of the mixed irrigated and dryland farming operation in the Murray Irrigation District in Deniliquin NSW. He has a background in mechanical engineering and has overseen the implementation of an on-farm efficiency programme which encompassed development of 5000 acres of efficient overhead irrigation.

Macdonald Agriculture is a third generation farming family. In 2011 they converted 5000 acres of flood irrigation to efficient overhead irrigation allowing the opportunity to diversify their cropping opportunities. The Macdonald family operation was at one point the largest rice grower in the Riverina. They run a mixed operation of wheat, barley, canola, corn and sheep and also service the local area as agricultural contractors specialising in spray and harvest operations. The business utilises precision agriculture across its fleet of machinery and are a zero till farming operation. They strive for maximum efficiency of water and land use and are constantly exploring better ways of working efficiently with the environment .

Graeme is passionate about pioneering the development of the CBD hemp industry in Australia and excited about the many benefits the crop offers for a sustainable farming future.

Jason Oran – Director of Farming Operations USA (Texas, USA)

Jason Oran joined the USA Army National Guard in 1999. After his military service in the army he worked as a United Nations and State Department defence contractor for 5 years where he led several units of contractors through various countries providing security for foreign diplomats.

After he left the military and government service he commenced working in farming and construction. He helped develop three separate construction firms and was involved in managing their operations for 8 years.  

He subsequently purchased a farm in Colorado and began farming in 2016. He focussed on permaculture, developing responsible farming techniques which leave the soil and environment better than before use. He believes that there is no better crop for the planet than hemp. 

He manages the Company’s seed and plant genetic programmes and operations on the Company’s farms in Colorado, Arizona and Texas and consults on the Company’s Australian farming operations.