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Botanic Wellness operates licensed CBD seed and hemp growing operations in the USA covering approx. 1,040 acres across 5 states, as well as two mobile hemp processing facilities and an extraction and processing facility Oklahoma in the USA. 

Botanic Wellness also operates licensed CBD seed and hemp growing operations in southern New South Wales and has recently completed planting its fourth crop. The bales are currently being shipped to the USA for processing until the laws permit processing in Australia.

The Company operates under various licenses and permits in the USA, Australia, the UK and Europe and pursuant to a number of different types of commercial farming arrangements which enable the Company to plant, cultivate, harvest and process significant acreage of crops at a lower price than if it was operating under more traditional farm ownership or leasing arrangements. 

The Company is expanding its existing USA and Australian farming and processing operations and its USA, Australian, UK and European marketing and sales operations as the market grows and as and when additional strategic opportunities arise. The Company also plans to establish its own   in-house extraction, processing and manufacturing facilities in Australia when it becomes commercially feasible to do so and when laws in Australia permit.

Botanic Wellness has also recently entered into a number of commercial agreements and asset purchase agreements to establish a range of hemp fibre related business utilising its existing and future grown hemp biomass. The Company is developing a range of hemp beverages, recyclable biodegradable hemp based plastic replacement products, a wholesale and retail hemp fabric business and a hemp building products business.

The Company’s Board and senior management consists of experienced professionals based in Australia, USA, UK and Europe who have significant investment banking, legal, financial and public company expertise with a particular interest in, and and focus on, the CBD and hemp fibre sectors. Botanic Wellness also has an experienced Advisory Board from a range of diverse backgrounds to advise on the further development of the Company’s CBD and hemp businesses.

Our Current Operations

Our Business

Botanic Wellness operates CBD hemp seed growing greenhouses and broad-acre operations. 

Botanic Wellness manages joint venture farming operations with farmers in Arizona, Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma for the planting of joint venture CBD hemp crops.

Botanic Wellness produces and sells final retail products under the “Opulent” and “Botanic Wellness”  brand.