Botanic Wellness Limited was established in June 2019 to develop a range of medical cannabis and hemp fibre related businesses in the USA, Australia, the UK and Europe.

It has various divisions including its USA and Australian based hemp growing operations, its USA based CBD extraction and processing facility, its Australian, USA and UK hemp based bioplastic businesses, its recently launched hemp infused beverages business and its soon to be launched online hemp products website.

The Company operates licensed hemp farming operations in Australia in NSW (recently harvested its 220 acre 2023 crop) and in various states throughout the USA (approx. 1,040 acre 2023 crop). The Company also has approx. 3,000 tonnes of stored hemp biomass inventory available to it, from previously grown crops, that is ready for processing into CBD crude oil distillate and isolate and then the waste hemp fibre material into hemp bioplastic raw materials.

The Company operates under various licenses and permits in Australia, the USA and the UK and pursuant to a number of different commercial farming arrangements with farmers which enable the Company to plant, cultivate and harvest significant acreage of crops at a relatively lower cost when compared with other medical cannabis companies.

Under the Company’s farming agreements the farmer contributes their farm land, expertise, machinery and labour to plant, maintain and harvest the crops and the Company contributes its hemp seeds, licenses and permits, hemp growing, extracting, processing and sales and marketing expertise. All costs incurred by the Company and farmer, are then reimbursed when revenues are received and the profits from the sale of the CBD crude, distillate, isolate and final “Botanic Wellness” retail products are then shared between the Company and the farmer.

The Company has a large scale hemp extraction and processing operation in Oklahoma in the USA to process its significant current volume of inventory of CBD hemp biomass and future crops as they are harvested, as well as mobile hemp processing facilities that operate out of large semi trailers. This enables the Company’s to process its harvested CBD hemp biomass into CBD crude oil extremely efficiently which gives it a considerable competitive advantage over its competitors because it has both hemp growing, harvesting and then extraction and processing capabilities inside the one company which enables it to maximise its operating margins and earnings.

The Company proposes to further expand its existing Australian and USA farming and processing operations and its Australian, USA, UK and European marketing and sales operations as the market grows and as and when additional strategic opportunities arise. The Company also intends to establish its own extraction and manufacturing facilities in Australia when the laws in Australia make that commercial viable.

The Company has also established hemp bioplastic business, which will use its waste hemp biomass to manufacture a range of hemp based biodegradable products that can replace traditional single use and other plastic products as well as a hemp construction business.

The Botanic Wellness Board and senior management consists of experienced professionals based in Australia, USA, UK and Europe who have significant investment banking, legal, financial and public company expertise with a particular interest in, and and focus on, CBD and hemp fibre. The Company also has an experienced Advisory Board to advise on the further development of the Company’s various hemp businesses.