Medical Cannabis / CBD

To make medical cannabis and CBD (the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant) more accessible and affordable so that more consumers can access it for a variety of potential health benefits including chronic pain relief, stress relief, treatment for anxiety and depression, a medication for epilepsy and seizures and a treatment for inflammation, sleep disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Until now high quality, effective medical cannabis and CBD products has been prohibitively expensive and relatively difficult to access. Botanic Wellness, because it grows its own hemp crops, in large broadacre fields, processes its harvested hemp into CBD oil and then produces its own range of CBD gel capsules, gummies, tinctures and a range of creams and balms at scale, can sell its CBD products at a price and in the dosages that make it truly accessible, affordable and effective.

CBD should be able to be used as an everyday nutraceutical similar to some supplements and vitamins and be affordable and readily available in adequate and appropriate dosages, to those who need it most.

Botanic Wellness already sells its range of CBD products in the USA and UK and is expanding into Europe through both online (including Amazon and Ebay in the UK) and through traditional retail and health stores and through health professionals. The first of its products are now also able to be prescribed in Australia under the Special Access Scheme and by Authorised Prescribers.

Access to CBD products in Australia is expected to become easier in the future as Australia catches up with the rest of the world and Botanic Wellness wants to ensure that when it does CBD is available to all and all can benefit from its use.