Company involved in the rapidly growing hemp markets in Australia, the USA, UK and Europe and will soon be expanding into various Asian markets.

Commercial farming model provides the Company with the ability to scale rapidly at very low upfront cost and where the agricultural risk is shared equally by the Company and the farmer.

Company is building a number of additional revenue streams that will enable it to earn revenues from each stage of the process from the selling of the Company’s excess hemp seeds and biomass, to0 the sale of crude, distillate and isolate and online and offline retail sales of its own branded products under its “Botanic Wellness” brand

Direct exposure to the rapidly growing Australian, USA, UK, European, and Asian CBD and hemp fibre markets for a range of wholesale and retail products.

Attractive valuation relative to comparable ASX listed hemp company’s and with very low operating costs and high achievable margins

Experienced Board, executive management and international consultants located in Australia, the USA, UK, and Europe and other international markets to identify and develop new opportunities

Company aims to deliver regular dividends linked to crop harvesting, processing and product sales cycles. In the northern and southern hemispheres.

Opportunity to invest in an established Australian, USA, UK and European Company developing a range of CBD and hemp fibre related products in various rapidly developing hemp industries with diversified risk due to international spread of existing operations and broad and expanding product footprint.