• Operate CBD hemp seed growing greenhouse and broad-acre growing facilities in Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma in the  USA.
  • Managing the harvesting and processing of CBD hemp crops into CBD crude, distillate and isolate for sale in the USA, Europe and Australia. First CBD hemp product sales have been achieved in the USA, UK and Europe.
  • Obtained the required licenses and permits to allow the importing of CBD hemp seeds from the USA into Australia and the growing of CBD hemp crops in NSW, Australia. Planted the first CBD crops in October 2020 which were harvested and baled for future processing and export to the USA in late April 2021.
  • Finalising additional CBD hemp growing joint venture farming agreements for the planting of additional CBD hemp crops in Texas, Arizona in the USA.
  • Additional CBD hemp seed crops (various strains) have been grown in the USA capable of producing approx 15,000 – 20,000 pounds of additional seeds per annum.
  • Continuing to sell strains of CBD hemp seeds and other CBD hemp products to third party farmers / customers as well as into the farming joint venture’s.
  • First retail brands “Opulent” and “Botanic Wellness” have been launched and products are being sold in the USA, Europe and Australia under a range of wholesale and retail, online and retail sales arrangements.
  • Additional range of CBD hemp products to be launched Q3 2021 for the cosmetics, personal care and anti-aging market.


  • Company has obtained the required licenses and permits from the Office of Drug Control (ODC) to allow the importing of CBD hemp seeds into Australia and has imported, planted and harvested its first crops in southern New south Wales .
  • Received licenses and permits from the NSW Department of Primary Industry for the growing of up to 1000 hectares (2,471 acres) of CBD hemp crops in NSW.
  • Second series of Australian CBD hemp crops planted in May / June 2021 in southern New South Wales.
  • Company has Schedule 4 and 8  Licenses from the Department of Health and Human Services to sell and supply CBD products in Australia.
  • First of a range of CBD hemp products now included in the list of products capable of being supplied to patients in Australia under the Special Access Scheme and by Australian Authorised Prescribers.
NSW Farm
Weather Station installed NSW
Machinery used for planting
Seed planting (Week 1)
Early growth (Week 4)
Mid growth (Week 8)
Late growth (Week 12)
Harvesting (Week 16)
Extraction and processing


  • Following harvesting hemp biomass is processed into crude and is then further processed further into distillate or isolate ready for wholesale and retail sale.
  • Company selling CBD crude, distillate and isolate in bulk quantities wholesale to manufacturers wanting to produce their own range of products.
  • Company is also producing and selling final retail product under the “Opulent” (exclusive more expensive brand) and “Botanic Wellness” (mid / mass market) brand.
  • Initial CBD Gel capsule products being sold online on a variety of Company owned and third-party websites in the USA and Europe. Products now able to be prescribed in Australia under the Special Access Scheme and by Authorised Prescribers.
Distillate in 1 litre bottles
Final retail product (ready for traditional retail and online sale)
Wholesale finished product (Ready for retail packaging)