USA Medical Cannabis and Hemp Fibre Operations

Company grows and manages, in conjunction with its farmer partners, CBD hemp fibre growing operations in various states in the USA (current USA crops total approx. 1,040 acres in the 2023 season).

The Company is selling its range of CBD products (CBD Gel capsules, tinctures, gummies and various CBD creams and balms and pet tinctures) in the USA, UK, Europe and in Australia and sales are steadily increasing. (online Amazon, Ebay and in retail)

The Company has the required licenses and permits to allow the importing of hemp seeds from the USA into Australia and the exporting of the harvested hemp biomass back to the USA for processing.

The Company has recently acquired the required equipment and established extraction and processing equipment in Oklahoma, USA. This has enabled the Company to bring its processing in house to significantly improve operational efficiencies, revenues, profit margins and earnings.

The company also acquired two 40ft semi trailer mobile processing facilities capable of moving around to its various grown crops in the USA.

Botanic Wellness sells its various strains of hemp seeds as well as hemp biomass, crude, distillate and isolate and other CBD hemp products wholesale to customers wanting to produce their own branded CBD products as well as for the production of the Company’s own “Botanic Wellness” branded CBD products.

The “Botanic Wellness” brand has been successfully launched and the products are now being sold in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia under a range of wholesale and retail, online and traditional retail sales arrangements.

Company is also developing a range of additional hemp opportunities in the hemp bioplastic market to replace a variety of traditional single use and other plastic products.

The Company has also commenced a hempcrete construction business with a European company and is looking at other opportunities and markets to take advantage of the significant volumes of hemp biomass it has in stock and is now capable of producing.

Farm Locations and Acreage in the USA

Australian medical cannabis and hemp fibre operations

Botanic Wellness has the required licenses and permits to allow the importing of various strains of hemp seeds into Australia from the USA and the growing of its hemp crops in southern New South Wales.

The Company has recently increased its licensed growing area to enable it to grow up to 1000 hectares (2,471 acres) of hemp crops in NSW. Its first series of crops (40 acres) were harvested in 2021. Its second series of hemp crops (502 acres) was harvested in May 2022 and delivered approx. 800 tonnes of hemp for processing. Its third series of hemp crops (220 acres) were harvested in May 2023.

The first of this Australian hemp material has been shipped to the USA for processing into CBD crude, distillate and isolate and manufacturing into final retail products

Company also holds Schedule 4 and 8 licenses enabling it to sell and supply a range of products in Australia and has distribution agreements with a number of Australia’s largest distributors of medical cannabis products.

The Company’s range of medical cannabis products are approved to be prescribed and supplied and sold to patients in Australia under the Special Access Scheme and by Australian Authorised Prescribers.

The Company is also developing a range of additional hemp based businesses utilising its large stockpiles of available and left over waste hemp fibre including its hemp based bioplastics business to replace traditional and environmentally harmful plastic products , a hemp building products (hempcrete) business and other hemp based products.

UK / European Sales and Marketing Operations

The Company has established Botanic Wellness (UK) Limited and Botanic Wellness (EU) Limited to undertake marketing and sales operations for its products in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Botanic Wellness is producing and selling its branded and expanded range of retail products in the UK and Europe under its “Botanic Wellness” brand. This range of CBD products which includes gel capsules,, CBD tinctures and CBD gummies will be further expanded with additional products to be launched in 2023 including a range of CBD based creams and pet tinctures.

The Company’s products are currently being sold online on a variety of Company owned and third-party websites (including Amazon and Ebay) as well as through traditional bricks and mortar retail stores. This aspect of the Company’s business is expected to increase significantly.

The Company believes that there are significant growth opportunities in the UK and Europe as more countries open up to CBD product sales and consumers become more aware of the many benefits of CBD based products.

Our range of CBD products
CBD distilate we use to produce our products

Hemp Bioplastic Business

Botanic Wellness has establishing a number of hemp fibre related businesses to utilise the significant amount of hemp fibre material it produces and has left over after extraction of the CBD oil.

Botanic Wellness Limited has established Botanic Bioplastics Pty Ltd Australia which is developing bioplastic manufacturing operations to enable it to produce a range of hemp based biodegradable products including disposable cutlery, straws, plates, product packaging and a range of other products traditionally made with environmentally damaging petroleum based plastic.

The Company is proposing to significantly increase the production and manufacturing capacity of this part of its business with the addition of further contract manufacturing arrangements and production Iines which will enable it to expand the range and size of the companies that it is able to market and sell its hemp based biodegradable products to.

The Company has also established similar hemp based bioplastic operations in the USA and the UK and utilises its existing marketing and sales infrastructure to distribute these environmentally friendly biodegradable hemp based products that are a replacement for traditional petroleum based plastic products.

Some of our hemp-based bioplastics products
Some of our hemp-based bioplastics products

Additional Hemp Fibre Businesses

Hemp Beverages Australia (50% owned)

Botanic Wellness has established Hemp Beverages Australia Pty Ltd as a joint venture with an established beverage manufacturer and distributor to launch a range of hemp and ultimately CBD based beverages. The first of these products are expected to be launched in late 2023.

The Company believes that a significant number of consumers will choose to consume their hemp, and ultimately their CBD and THC in liquid form as it aids absorption into the body and is a more sociable way of consuming.

The CBD and THC beverage markets in the USA and some other countries are expanding rapidly with a number of major alcoholic and non-alcoholic companies expanding into the area. This is expected to continue as laws and regulations are relaxed.

Hemp (‘Hempcrete”) building products (100% owned)

The Company is working with a European building products company to develop, a range of “hempcrete”, hemp insulation and other hemp based building products and the first shipment of materials for a housing project have been sent to South America.

Product development is at an advanced stage and the first constructions should commence in late 2023.

Hemp Fabrics

The Company is exploring the development of a hemp fabrics business. There is a significant opportunity to use its waste hemp material to mix with cotton, bamboo and other materials to create more environmentally friendly and biodegradable fabrics.